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Related Links
Poundbury, by Léon Krier

Princes Foundation

Seaside Balcony View
by Duany & Plater-Zyberk

Congress for the New Urbanism

Reconstruction of Rue de Laeken, Brussels


Del Mar, Raymond Avenue
by Moule & Polyzoides, Architects and Urbanists

New Urban News

Urban Reconstruction "Village Royal", Paris (1992-1995)
by J.J. Oris Studios

A Vision of Europe

Kentlands, by Duany & Plater-Zyberk

The Townpaper

New Neighborhood Hjärup, Sweden
by Markus Axelson and Monica Berggren

Byens Fornyelse

The Royal Academy Plan for the Reconstruction of  Central  London (1942)
by Edwin Landseer Lutyens

International Planning History Society

Berlin, Alexanderplatz by Kollhoff & Timmermann

Berlin Senate

New Town Square Model (2003)
by New School of Viseu First Year Students

Katarxis Magazine

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