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Fonti di Matilde, CNU Charter Award 2002
by Pier Carlo Bontempi & Associates

All Council attendees will pay:

 a registration fee of:                       300 Euros
 a visit and transportation fee of:   150 Euros
 a meal fee of:                                 215 Euros
TOTAL:                                          665 Euros

Any spouses or partners who travel or dine with the group
are responsible for the appropriate fees. These fees include:

All transportation by private coach, and
all activities, visits and guided tours,-- as mentioned in the schedule
-5 lunches, 2 dinners, coffee breaks, and complimentary drinks
The daily assistance of the Council coordinator

Optional Hotel Reservations:

Single room accommodations in:

Brussels for two nights, with breakfast: 260 Euros
Bruges for three nights, with breakfast: 395 Euros

Rooms for spouses and partners can be arranged by the Council coordinator:
all fees are listed in the registration form. Fees do not include travel to and from
Brussels, before and after the Council.

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