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Bauhaus, Beaux-Arts & New Technology
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Facades in Historic Centre of Viseu (Portugal)

"Architects, painters, and sculptors must recognize anew the composite character of a building as an entity. Only then will their work be imbued with the architectonic spirit lost when it became a "salon art". The old art schools were unable to achieve this unity and, after all, how could they, since art cannot be taught? They must be absorbed once more by the workshop."
Bauhaus Manifesto 1919
by Walter Gropius


Urban Typology Model Study by First Year Students
New School of Viseu
(Photo by Lucien Steil)

"Art in itself is beyond all methods; it cannot be taught. However, one can teach a trade. Architects, painters, sculptors are artisans in the true sense of the word, therefore the thourough mechanical training of all such students in workshops is an undispensable foundation for all creative activities."
Bauhaus Manifesto 1919
Walter Gropius 


"We can charm art and do other friendly things for its sake; but  art, substantially, comes naturally oder it does not come at all. Only craftmanship, --the first remarkable making without which art wouldn't be--, does not come by itself, but wants to be desired for,  and demands insistingly to be learnt. It requires  understanding, and  reason above all. Wherever we aspire for understanding , we long also for a whole lot of craftmanship."
Heinrich Tessenow (1916)