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Book Suggestions

Laws of the Landscape

by Pietro S. Nivola

(Published by the Brookings Institution Press)

The Sustainable City

by Maurice Culot

(Published by the European Communities)

Suburban Nation

by Andrés Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, Jeff Speck

(Published by North Point Press)

Choice or Fate

by Léon Krier

(Published by Andreas Papadakis Publications)

Charter of The New Urbanism

Congress for The New Urbanism

(Published by McGraw-Hill Professional)

Geography of Nowhere

by James Howard Kunstler

(Published by Touchstone Books)

Town Spaces

by Rob Krier and Christoph Kohl

(Published by Birkhauser)

Essai sur la Destruction des Villes et Campagnes

by René Schoonbrodt

(Published by Pierre Mardaga)

New Civic Art

by Andrés Duany and Robert Alminana

(Published by Rizzoli)

Place Making

by Charles C. Bohl

(Published by Urban Land Institute)

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