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More Books

Browsing the Internet Booksellers you will be surprised about the wealth of available literature on classical and traditional architecture, vernacular and regional architecture (more than 1000 items on, New Urbanism and excellent architect and building monographies, theory and philosophy treatises related to the culture of traditional architecture and city-building! A lot of the best publications are out of print (speaking of their success), but they can still be purchased. Here below some more interesting books.(This selection considers only books still easily available!)


" Practice of Architecture and the Builder's Guide: Two Pattern Books of American Classical Architecture. "
By Benjamin Asher with an introduction of Thomas Gordon Smith.Published by Da Capo Press.


" Geoffrey Bawa, Architect in Sri Lanka "

By Brian Brace Taylor, Geoffrey Bawa and Barbara Sansoni

Published by Thames&Hudson

This should interest particularly those who build in the tropics.Geoffrey Bawa develops his excellent contemporary buildings and gardens from the incredible ressources of vernacular into classical types: They are valid and consistent operational types for the tropics beyond regional particularities and local building cultures!



" The Alternative Building Sourcebook: Traditional, Natural and Sustainable Building Products and Services "

By Steve K. Chappell (Editor)

Published by Fox Maple Press inc.


" Traditions in Architecture:
Africa, America, Asia, and Oceania "

By Dora P. Crouch and June G. Johnson

Published by Oxford University Press


" Great American Houses and their Architectural Styles "
By Virginia McAlester, Lee McAlester (contributor), and Alex McLean (photographer)
Published at Abbeville Press, Inc.


" 6000 Years Of Housing " by Norbert Schoenauer
Published by W.W Norton&Company


" Architecture Without Architects: A Short Introduction To Non-Pedigreed Architecture "

By Bernard Rudofsky

Published by University of New Mexico Press

In a world where architects and urbanists have created so much damage and confusion, this classic of vernacular architecture might be an excellent ressource for reflection and meditation.


" Early Mexican Houses: A Book of Photographs and Measured Drawings "
By G. Richard Garrison and George W. Rustay
Published at Architectural Book Pub Co.

" Thus architects who strove to obtain practical manual skills but lacked an education have never been able to achieve an influence equal to the quality of their exertions; on the other hand, those who placed their trust entirely in theory and in writings seem to have chased after a shadow, not something real. But those who have fully mastered both skills, armed, if you will, in full panoply, those architects have reached their goal more quickly and influentially. "

Vitruvius, " Ten Books on Architecture "

Edited by Ingrid D. Rowland and Thomas Noble Howe
Published at Cambridge University Press