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New School of Viseu


Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
Centro Regional Das Beiras
Licenciatura Em Arquitectura

 New School of Architecture and Urbanism
Viseu, Portugal


Panoramic View of Viseu, Portugal
(Old Postcard from Katarxis Archives)

"In fact, the very idea of education itself hinges on tradition. For even though the teacher loses his authority when the pupil matures and forms his own insights, this passage into maturity does not mean that a person has repudiated tradition. On the contrary, he has made tradition his own. It is precisely in this passage into maturity that the wonder of education lies. Education exists only when tradition is freely taken over."
Demetri Porphyrios


First Year Student on Archeological Exploration among Roman Ruins
First Semester Field Trip to Conimbriga
(Photo by First Year Architecture Students)

"The goal of any one assisting in the education of architects must be to instil in them the ability to work with others as they use their art to embody beauty in buildings, justice in cities, and grace in the lives touched by their works.
 Architecture is a civil art capable of promoting justice and making grace visible.
 It should provide a great comfort to us all that from its very foundation, this school embodies these ideas.
 These ideas are now rare, but they are good and true ideas, they will widen their reach and prevail among people of good will.
 The School of Architecture at the University of Notre-Dame values this opportunity to endorse this important event in the restoration of the art of building well."
Carroll William Westfall
Frank Montana Professor and Chairman
School of Architecture
University of Notre Dame


 Historical Center of Viseu with Cathedral Complex
First Year Student's Sketchbook Drawing
(Photo by First Year Architecture Students)

The New School of Architecture and Urbanism of Viseu offers a five-years degree in Architecture and offers a fifth's years specialization and graduation majors in the following disciplines: Architecture, Urbanism, Conservation or Environmental Planning. The program is fully accredited in Portugal and in Europe as it follows both the particular requirements of the Portuguese University Education as well as the general standards of University education set up by the European Community.


 History Class Field-Trip to Prehistoric Site near Viseu
(Photo by First Year Architecture Students)

"My own experience and exchange with colleagues around the world, and particularly my involvement with 'Vision of Europe' and  my two years as a visiting professor in the 'Notre-Dame Rome Studies Program', set out very clearly to my mind what could be done to improve ethics, love and passion for architecture, to improve drawing capabilities and theoretical knowledge on architectural history, typologies, theory of proportions and the orders, to strenghten the feeling for the complete harmony of architecture with its urban or landscape context, to build up the technical knowledge of building systems, codes and conventions, etc. This ended up on a 4.400 hours five-year Degree in Architecture, designed with the support of Gabriele Tagliaventi, inspired by the curriculum of the School of Architecture at the University of Ferrara, and discussed through at the University of Notre-Dame with Samir Younés, Michael Lykoudis and Norman Crowe."
José Cornélio Da Silva
Coordinator of the Licenciatura em Arquitectura
Universidade Catolica Portuguesa


Cathedral Square in Viseu
First Year Student's Sketchbook
(Photo by First Year Architecture Students)

This web site has been set up by the Catholic University of Portugal in order to provide  the information  about the purpose, the philosophy and the means of its New School of Architecture and Planning.
The New School is acknowledging the benefit of collaborating and interacting within an international network of universities and institutions and it supports the ideals of universality of knowledge and of an academical excellence without frontiers of national, racial, religious or cultural character.


Sketchbook Study in Viseu
(Photo by First Year Architecture Students)

"The ethical dimension establishes that architecture be taught and practiced as a civic art. In other words, the architect's primary duty is to contribute toward building the Good City, by providing a relationship of reciprocal fulfillment between the highest architecture and the highest political form achievable. In this case, architecture as an expression of private taste occupies a secondary position.
 The urban and architectural dimension designates enduring principles regarding the clarity of typology, architectural character, the beauty of poetic order, the hierarchy of the public and private buildings, permanence in construction, and a thourough knowledge of the wisdom of traditions." 
Samir Younés
Associate Professor of Architecture
Director of Rome Studies
University of Notre Dame


Sketchbook Watercolor Study
(Photo by First Year Architecture Students)


A Summer Program Student at Work
First Summer Class 2001
( Universidade Catolica Portuguesa)

2001-2002 School Year
Inauguration of Architectural Program

Classes started October 15th, 2001 
Rome Study Tour: May 15th - June15th
Classes end June 21st, 2002 

School of Architecture
Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
Centro Regional Das Beiras 
Estrada Da Circunvalação
3504-505 VISEU

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Licenciatura Em Arquitectura


The Practice of the Sketchbook
(Photo by First Year Students)


Studio Desk Critique
(Photo by First Year Students)


Archeological Museum Visit
Conimbriga Field Trip
(Photo by First Students)


Computer Time
Summer Class 2001
(Universidade Catolica Portuguesa)


Study of a Roof Structure Model
Building Materials Class
(Photo by First Year Students)


Landscape Drawing Class
(Photo by First Year Students)

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* In Memoriam New School of Viseu *

The New School of Architecture&Urbanism at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa in Viseu has been dismantled in Fall 2004 in a "Coup d'Etat"  planned long before by the direction of the University and the probable approval of the Catholic Church of Portugal, and taken over by a team of 17 modernists imported from Porto and Lisbon, surprising both faculty and students. Since then the program has declined and frustration and anger have replaced the convivial and collegial Atelier atmosphere at the School.
We express our condoleances to all the victims of this deplorable event  and wish good luck o all of those heroically resisting and persisting at the Universidade Catolica Portuguesa!

Please read the  very accurate polemics by Nikos Salingaros here below:

The Coup in Viseu


Sketchbook Drawing of Viseu
(Photo by First Year Architecture Students)