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Smart Cities

Algueirao Da Silva and Baganha

Urban Development in Algueirao, Portugal ( 68 Houses )
by Jose Cornelio da Silva and Jose Franceira Baganha

The Traditional City, as the accumulated sum of experience, of know-how, of theory and practice, of models and types..., as a repertory of tangible patterns,
and finally as one of the most genial inventions of mankind, rich of about 6000 years of history, of successfull continuity and re-invention, of self-regeneration and excellence has proved to be the best possible paradigma of contemporary city-building.

Its authority is the more qualified as no single successful alternative has come out of the failed promises of the xxth century modernists, and the puzzling visions of their XXIth century followers do not give too much any perspective on building inhabitable and comfortable places, supporting living communities and their shared ideals of civic life and private emulation.

Senior Citizen Village, Krier&Kohl

A House in the City, Lisbon
by Jose Cornelio da Silva and Jose Franqueira Baganha


Entablature Detail, Lisbon
by Jose Cornelio da Silva and Jose Franqueira Baganha


Le Plessis Robinson, Paris, Mixed-Use Development
by Marc and Nada Breitman


Seaside, Florida
(photo copyright Gunnar Strom)

allatini240jpg Demetri Porphyrios

Allatini Mills Development, Salonica
by Demetri Porphyrios and Associates


A New Urban Quarter, Gocek, Turkey
by Deupi Economakis Architects

Pitiousa Terrace

Pitiousa, Spetses by Demetri Porphyrios and Associates (1998)

Spetses Demetri Porphyrios

Pitiousa, Spetses by Demetri Porphyrios and Associates

Richmond Riverside Q.Terry

Richmond Riverside Development by Quinlan Terry


Rue de Laeken, Bruxelles,Urban Development planned and coordinated by Maurice Culot and Caroline Mierop

with projects
by Gabriele Tagliaventi et Marco Gaiani (Bologna),Valerie Gevers, Marc Heene Michel Leloup et Gabor Somssich (Bruxelles), Javier Cenicacelaya et Inigo Salona (Bilbao), Liam O'Connor et John Robins (London), Joseph Altuna et Marie-Laure Petit (Toulouse), Jean-Philippe Garric et Valerie Negre (Toulouse), Sylvie Assassin, Barthelemy Dumons, Philippe Gisclard and Nathalie Prat (Toulouse), ATLANTE,site architects, (Bruxelles).

" The completion of the reconstruction project of the rue de Laeken is a sign of hope which doubtlessly marks the beginning of a new, a more human age of European urbanism. "

HRH The Prince of Wales


Courtyard Houses, Grand Harbour in Vero Beach, Florida
by Robert A.M Stern Architects, New York
( Photography by Peter Aaron/ Esto.)


New Town of Windsor, Florida
by Duany & Plater-Zyberk


" Our masterplan for the Allatini Mills site in Salonica preserves the existing factory buildings and adds new ones creating a rich fabric with a distinct neo-classical character.
Adjacent to the Great Chimney, the old mills and silos are converted to an Intercontinental Hotel which presides over the new central square and enjoys splendid views to the south towards the bay of Salonica. Other listed buildings are converted into offices or galleries; new buildings are developed speculatively in line with our masterplan and are designed by different architects to house shops, offices and housing.
This is not a " gated " development, but a mixed-use neighbourhood which extends the streets, open green spaces and squares of the city of Salonica, into a richly varied urban culture to be enjoyed by all. "

Demetri Porphyrios and Associates