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Book Reviews

Apparently the classics of new traditional architecture and urbanism sell well!
Leon Krier's " Choice or Fate " is out of print, so also Demetri Porphyrios's " Classical Architecture " and many others of the best contemporary readings on classical and traditional architecture! -No reason for despair: they can be found as rare books or as second-hand books. If you don't own these books yet, do not wait anymore: search the rarities!


Dictionary of Architecture

Andreas Papadakis Publisher

The True, The Fictive, And The Real

Samir Younés

In this volume Samir Younes provides the first English translation of the key theoretical essays-including Character, Idea, Imitation, Invention, Order, Principle, Restoration, Rule, Type, Unity - from Quatremere de Quincy's seminal work, "Le Dictionnaire Historique d'Architecture" of 1832, which until now has been relatively inaccessible to architects in the English-speaking world.

The importance of this Dictionnaire stems from Quatremere's profound reflections on the nature and ends of architecture; on the principles which are at the source of her rules, and on the roles of imitation and invention within tradition.
In his introductory essays Samir Younes treats Quatremere's ideas in their historical context, as well as their important role within our contemporary larger project of the reconstruction of the city and architecture.


" Classical Architecture: A Comprehensive Handbook to the Tradition of the Classic Style", by Robert Adam and Derek Brentnall(illustrations), published at Harry N. Abrams

Please find more books on the next page(More Books).This is a short selection on plenty of available publications on traditional, classical and vernacular architecture.

Vernacular Architecture

Cambridge University Press

Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World

Paul Oliver's encyclopedia documents the results of an entirely new type of global architectural research, which had developed over the last 2-3 decades. Over 750 specialists from more than 80 countries contributed to it. Over approximately 2500 pages in 3 volumes, it unites more than 1700 photographs and 1000 line drawings. With its additional comparative lexicon of 500 words (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic), its glossary of over 1200 architectural and anthropological terms, and with its largest bibliography on the subject today, including over 9000 references, it may become a standard work for many interested in architectural research.


" Smart Growth: New Urbanism in American Communities "
By Andres Duany, Liz Plater-Zyberk and Jeff Speck
Published at McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing (Fall 2001)


" The Elements of Classical Architecture", by Georges Gromort with an introduction by Henry Hope Reed.
Published at W.W.Norton&Company

Traditional Construction

McGraw-Hill Press

1,001 Traditional Construction Details

Steve Mouzon


More than 1000 construction details with a wide range of traditional ones, complemented by a generous choice of general-purpose details addressing modern building requirements.

Published by McGraw-Hill in both book and CD.The CD includes DWG, DXF and PowerCADD versions of about 1300 details, plus a catalog database.


"The Nature of Order: An Essay on the Art of Building and the Nature of the Universe." by Christopher Alexander.
This "opus magnum" by Alexander is a sum of building experience and of profound insights in the order of nature.
Alexander's "timeless principles of building" are supported by thourough investigations of a new scientific humanism.To be published by Oxford University Press.

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