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Dwelling and Building

morton.450.jpg Eric Watson

Morton House by Eric Watson

" Inspired by courtyard houses from New Orleans's French Quarter... The vivid terracotta colored stucco walls contrast with an abundant tropical planting of the courtyard and enhance the fine massing of the ensemble in its urban setting. The second cantilevered porch overlooks the public town green and expresses elegantly a subtle dialogue between the private and public realm, between the house and the town. "




Private Residence, Birre Cascais, Portugal
Elevation Studies
by Jose Cornelio da Silva

" Do you mean to tell me that you're thinking seriously of building that way, when and if you are an architect? "

" Yes "

" My dear fellow, who will let you? "

" That's not the point. The point is, who will stop me? "

Ayn Rand "The Fountainhead"


Three Brindleyplace Office Building, Birmingham
By Demetri Porphyrios and Associates (1998)
Client: Argent Development Consortium

" Three Brindleyplace is situated in a masterplanned, mixed-use development in the city of Birmingham. Three Brindleyplace designed as a speculative office building, fronts the main civic square and steps down to three storeys towards the canal. The tower rises as if embedded within the urban block and serves as a landmark for the entire Brindleyplace development. "

Demetri Porphyrios


Detail of Brindleyplace Office Building Atrium
Demetri Porphyrios and Associates

" The atrium has a ashlar stone base with an arcade at ground floor, a columniated middle, and a top loggia surmounted by the glazed roof. The aim here has been to project a light post-and-spandrel structure in contrast to the solidity of the external masonry, thereby revealing the two constructional principles of bearing wall masonry and steel frame structure at work. "

Demetri Porphyrios


Masterplan Development for Field Farm, Shepton Mallet, England
by Robert Adam Architects

" The true freedom of the artist, opposing as an individual, history as shaped by a small group of leaders, or retiring himself into an existence on the margin of the world, is thus no longer experienced in innovation, but in a constantly repeated endeavour to find the mastership of an ancient material, as much as to return to the primacy of a founding gesture, no " newer " than it was fifty, hundreds or thousand years ago."

Jean Clair

"Considerations sur l'Etat des Beaux-Arts "

Stasis,University Campus in Lugano David Mayernick

Tasis, The American School in Lugano, Switzerland
by David Mayernik
The project is under construction!

" Urban architecture and urban monuments in particular-ought to be invocations of the permanent. It is this that makes the classical styles not only agreeable to every age but also adaptable to every use. They are adaptable because they are marked by the will to endure, the collective decision to stand above the tide of appetite and history, and to make a permanent claim to space. This is why we admire the Parthenon, and why architects ever since have returned to it as a model for their work. "

Roger Scruton


Proposal for the new Munch Memorial, Oslo (1997-1998)
by Piotr Choynowski ( with Peter Olsen )