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Selected Links

Here are some links to associations, institutions and publications which might be helpful to support and promote the objectives of contemporary traditional architecture and urbanism. Most of these links connect you to a larger network of sympathising organisations. Take advantage of the excellent ressources of the world web to communicate, to inform yourself and to interact!


Quinta de S. Jose de Ribamar, Portugal
by Jose Cornelio da Silva and Jose Franqueira Baganha

Some other Web Magazines

Among the numerous web-magazines on architecture and urbanism there are some which might publish your papers, letters and designs. Help promote our ideals and visions by submitting your work for publishing in a variety of magazines and journals! However you know that KATARXIS is dedicated to your cause. Also publish your work at KATARXIS..

Just click this address to send mail:


Here some web-magazines which accept to publish submissions dealing with traditional architecture and urbanism:

ARCHIMAGAZINE is an Italian magazine of architecture and design.It is a well-designed and informative magazine which publishes english papers too, but asks also for an Italian translation.Open-mindedness and good editorial manners caracterize this magazine.
Click below to get linked:



ARQUITECTURA Y HUMANIDADES is a web-magazine edited by the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico ( UNAM ).As its name suggests it has an particular outlook on the relationship of architecture and humanities.It accepts sumissions dealing with contemporary traditional architecture and urbanism as contributions to a contemporary humanism.
Please click the link below to connect:

Arquitectura y Humanidades, Mexico

ARCHITECTURE INK is a quite original, Greenwich Village type and literary architectural magazine.They accept papers and visual material on " critical traditionalism ", and are generally sympathetic to reflections and visions showing alternatives to the cultural brainwashing of the modernist establishment.
Here the contact link:


PLAN NET is a very sober and sincere magazine opening its pages to submissions on arguments and projects of new traditional architects and urbanists.The general line of the magazine is not tradition friendly as such but the editor, Anthony Catsimatides, is a very thoughtful and openminded person, willing to consider visions and ideas which he respects without necessarily sharing them.The essays of Plan Net are interesting readings on the culture of modern architecture, of which new traditional architecture is definitely an essential part.
Please click the link below to connect:

Plan Net, USA

PERIFERIA is a caribean web-magazine, new-urbanism friendly and willing to publish papers and projects by new traditional architects and urbanists.Good information and a number of interesting articles, links and contacts to caribean architects.
Please click on the link below to connect:

Periferia, San Domingo


Bond Hall, Ionic Detail
University of Notre-Dame

ARCHNEWSNOW  is an excellent and informative web-magazine on contemporary architecture. Daily updated news and article links on the hot topics of architectural practice and planning policies. The chief-editor Kristen Richards is recieving submissions on new traditional architecture and urbanism with great interest, acknowledging their relevance within a modern building culture!
Click to the link below for ARCHNEWSNOW:



Maison du Tourisme in Cauterets, Hautes-Pyrenees, France
by Pierre Sicard and Michel Authie ( 1993 )

European Award for the Reconstruction of the City

ARCHICOOL is probably the best French web-magazine on architecture, urbanism and planning with weekly updated news and indepth articles and interviews. It proposes substantial information and coverage on the modern architectural reality in France and in the world as well as a wealth of links and ressources. Its editor Jerome Auzolle loves architecture and good arguments too much not to accept to consider relevant contributions on new traditional architecture and urbanism!

Archicool, France

Associations and Institutions

Elective Affinities

Here some associations and institutions dedicated to the development of a contemporary building crafts and urban culture based on tradition in its vernacular as well as classical expressions.Their websites list numerous links to other sympathizing organisations!


Medieval City in Roman Amphitheater, Arles

I.N.T.B.A.U, the International Network for Traditional Building Arts & Urbanism, promotes cooperation between all those who design, make or enjoy traditional buildings, architecture and places.
Please click on the link below to connect:

I.N.T.B.A.U, London


University of Notre-Dame, Bond Hall
South Bend, Indiana

Schools and Institutions offering educational training in traditional architecture and urbanism all over the world.This site is managed by INTBAU.Please forward relevant information for updating and completing.
Please click on the link below for information on educational opportunities in traditional architecture & urbanism:

Traditional Architecture Education


Street in Poundbury

A VISION OF EUROPE, chaired by Gabriele Tagliaventi for many years now, this organisation is actively promoting an architecture with a more human approach to the European city.
Through ground-laying international exhibitions, publications and counter-projects to destructive urban proposals A Vision of Europe has gained international authority.A Vision of Europe is based in Bologna and connected to major universities and associations.
Please click on the link below to connect:

A Vision of Europe, Bologna


Stone Capital by Jose Cornelio da Silva and Jose Franqueira Baganha

Please check the following links too.
They provide substantial information, news, and support for researching, studying, building and acting
in favor of a better, a more convivial and more beautiful, built contemporary environment,
encompassing local and regional traditions
and the well-being of individuals and communities.

Congress of New Urbanism, USA

Institute of Classical Architecture, New York

The Institute for Traditional Architecture

Humanist Art Review

Shelmore Road Three Sisters by Dover Kohl 200JPG

New House on Shelmore Road, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

by Dover, Kohl&Partners with Duany&Plater-Zyberk

" Mount Pleasant consists of new infill neighbourhoods using regional types from South Carolina Low Country. This beautiful town development has a powerful presence and a convincing and a most convincing evidence of truth and elegance. "